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POSTED ON Friday, 02.27.2015 / 11:28 AM PT
It’s Ducks-Kings tonight, so everybody is pumped up, but maybe no one more so than a certain 23-year-old winger who has only played two NHL games in his life.

Chris Wagner is expected to be in the Anaheim lineup tonight after being recalled by the Ducks from Norfolk of the AHL yesterday morning. After enduring the lengthy cross-country flight from Virginia to SoCal, the native of Walpole, Massachussetts was on the ice for today’s morning skate in anticipation for what’s to come tonight at Honda Center.

Wagner, who was taken by Anaheim in the fifth round (122nd overall) of the 2010 Draft, made his NHL debut last October 17 at Minnesota. He was soon sent down and brought back up again to play one game in mid-November, coincidentally a clash with the Kings at Staples Center.

Wagner, still looking for his first NHL point, racked up 26 (including 13 goals) in 41 games for Norfolk this season. At the time of his recall, the 6-0, 202-pounder co-led the Admirals in scoring and goals.

After this morning’s skate, the normally babyfaced Wagner -- who is sporting a little bit of facial hair -- talked about the process of being called up to the big club.

How are you told by the team when you get recalled?

Usually our assistant GM down there [Bob Ferguson] calls me, tells me the flight, and everything else. It’s usually an eight-hour process to get across the country. This time I found out yesterday morning, first thing. We were at home, since we were supposed to play Providence this weekend. I had about three hours to get ready, which is probably the most time I’ve had when I’ve been called up. The last time, I was ready to play a game that night, and they called me in the afternoon and told me to get on a plane. It was a little more relaxed this time. It was around 8:30 or 9 in the morning, and I was actually half-asleep when they called me, so that woke me up real quick. We weren’t supposed to be at the rink until 2:00 yesterday because of snow, so I was trying to sleep in. But that’s okay.

It’s been cold back there, so along with everything else, it’s a nice change of pace weather-wise.
It’s awesome. It’s why you come to Cali. They’ve had a lot of snow back there recently, which is unusual for them, but this is great.

What is your focus when you’re on the way out here?
You kind of hope when you get called up that you’re going to play right away, so you mentally prepare that way. Especially this game, one of the biggest games of the year, I’m pretty excited. It’s going to be an intense, physical game.

What’s your evaluation of your season so far?
I obviously wanted to get games in the NHL this year, which is my main goal. Hopefully I’ll get a few more down the road here. It’s been a decently successful year, but you can always do better. It’s been the most positive so far in my pro career.

For fans who haven’t seen you much this year, what can they except you to bring?
I just try to be physical as much as I can, try to be defensively smart. I pitched in offensively down there, and hopefully I get more comfortable and that translates down here.

What is the feeling among the guys about the team moving to San Diego next season?
Norfolk has been great, but we’re excited. It’s tough when you’re going up and down and going through those long plane rides. We’re definitely excited, and we’ve only heard great things about San Diego. Of course you hope you’re up here, but if you’re down there, it’s not a bad spot to be.

POSTED ON Tuesday, 02.24.2015 / 1:20 PM PT

Monday night, Ducks goalie John Gibson saved 35 of 38 shots and turned away two of three attempts in the shootout (the first of his NHL career) to help the Ducks to a dramatic 4-3 win over the visiting Red Wings.

That performance -- not to mention what he has done the last several games with Frederik Andersen out with an injury -- are what Ducks fans have come to expect of Gibson after he was drafted in the second round in 2011 and made a splash last regular season and playoffs.

But this season hasn't gone quite as planned for the 21-year-old Gibson, who had a tough start by giving up six goals to the Penguins in the season opener in his native Pittsburgh. He was sent to Norfolk to get some playing time while the Ducks leaned heavily on Frederik Andersen, then came back up to Anaheim and played well before suffering a groin injury in early November.

Andersen's injury (he was hit in the back of the head by the falling net on February 8 in Tampa) coupled with Ilya Bryzgalov's ineffective play has Gibson playing a starring role for the Ducks yet again.

And he's responded as expected, with wins in his last three games, including that one last night vs. Detroit.

While Gibson isn't the most gregarious of Ducks, he has the flat-lined temperament ideal for a goalie expected to endure the ups and downs of the professional game.

Here's a little more about Gibson:


High school
Baldwin HS in Pittsburgh [he was actually cut from the school's hockey team as a freshman]

Favorite NHL player growing up

Probably Mario Lemieux, just from growing up in Pittsburgh and watching him. That’s why I got into hockey.

Favorite hockey moment of your career
It would probably be winning the World Juniors and my first NHL game, in Vancouver [an 18-save shutout win].

Favorite TV shows
I watch all the stuff on Netflix, like Breaking Bad and Prison Break, and I like classic shows like Friends.

Favorite bands
I listen to a lot of rap and techno, but I don’t really have a favorite necessarily. I like Drake.

Celebrity crush
I always liked Friends, so I’ll go with Jennifer Aniston

Who would play you in a movie about your life?
I’ve been told I look like that guy from Friday Night Lights with the long hair [Taylor Kitsch], so I’ll go with that.

Favorite food
I like sushi, chicken and pasta, all that stuff.

Favorite vacation spot
Anywhere there is nice water and sun.
POSTED ON Thursday, 02.5.2015 / 12:01 PM PT
Ducks Weekly ran this pretty cool feature of several Ducks talking about their first hockey memories. The best part may be the old photos of the players from when they were kids, notably Kyle Palmieri's sweet flow.

Unfortunately, there is no photo available of Matt Beleskey when he, according to him, "Rode my stick in a AAA tournament when I was younger, after scoring in a game."

Here's the video:

POSTED ON Monday, 02.2.2015 / 12:47 PM PT
It was a pretty good Sunday for Ben Lovejoy.

You see, not only is Lovejoy an Anaheim Ducks defenseman, he’s also a die hard and passionate Patriots fan. The native New Englander (born and raised in New Hampshire) watched yesterday’s Super Bowl at home with his 1-year-old daughter Lila (more on that below), and endured the highs and lows of yesterday’s thrilling game. He talked about it after practice at Honda Center.

First of all, where did you watch the game?
We had a team Super Bowl party, which I did not attend. I would have been there had any of the other 31 teams be in the game instead of the Patriots. The last two Super Bowls the Patriots have been in, I’ve attended my professional team’s party, and the guys want to jab me in the ribs anytime a play went wrong. And I’m not an obnoxious fan. I sit there and want to concentrate, and the guys want to take a shot at me. So I did not attend the Anaheim Ducks party. My wife [Avery] did, and I stayed home and focused on the game on my couch with my daughter. She was asleep for awhile, then we hung out and cheered. She had her Tom Brady jersey on.

What were you going through during those final minutes?
I was so emotional. I have so much respect for passionate fans of teams. I don’t know how hockey fans do that 82 games, plus playoffs. The [16+] Patriots games, I’m a wreck for. It’s just so much stress, yet so fun.

What was your reaction to that interception at the end?
I thought the Patriots had a very good chance of winning, and then [Jermaine Kearse] made that ridiculous catch with about a minute left, and it just had shades of Mario Manningham and David Tyree from past Super Bowls. So, I was just crushed. I thought, Here we go again. I was 98 percent sure that Marshawn Lynch was gonna pound it in, and if not, Russell Wilson was gonna run it in himself. I couldn’t believe they threw that pass in that situation. What a defensive play that was. As a defensive player, it’s a play I dream about making.

Did you yell and scream?
Well, during the Baltimore [playoff] game, I was yelling loudly after lots of plays, and every time I yelled, my daughter would cry. So I started cheering silently because I didn’t want that to happen. It was more of a sense of relief than incredible excitement. I just took a deep breath, and was so happy.

In past situations, where you have to put your celebrity crush up on the Jumbotron, I have written that my crush was Tom Brady. He’s still up there. The level of excellence he’s maintained forever, how he lives his life, four Super Bowl wins, six opportunities, I think he’s just such a special athlete."         
Did you get a lot of texts after that game?
I had texts going with friends from New England. I go out of my way to not talk trash. I don’t want to rub it in if we win, and I don’t want to eat it if we lose. I was quietly so satisfied and excited. I had a couple friends who went to the game, and brothers and family members who were just as excited as I was.

We’ve talked about this before, but tell us again about your roots as a Patriots fan.
I grew up in New Hampshire, which of course is part of New England. In 1996, I was 12 years old and the Patriots went to the Super Bowl and lost to Brett Favre’s Green Bay Packers, and I was hooked after that. I was a casual fan as a little kid, but when Drew Bledsoe and Bill Parcells led them to the Super Bowl, I was so excited. When Belichick came in 2000 and Tom Brady arrived in 2001, those were some of the most fun teams to be a fan of. They’re consistently good, they’re always fun to watch and they’re always in contention to go to the Super Bowl. I can understand why people aren’t fans of them. I don’t blame you. They’re arrogant and hateable, but they’re my team. These are the best days to be a Patriots fan. They’ll never be better than this.

You happen to be a professional athlete, but are you a typical New Englander who’s in love with Tom Brady?
Absolutely. In past situations, where you have to put your celebrity crush up on the Jumbotron, I have written that my crush was Tom Brady. He’s still up there. The level of excellence he’s maintained forever, how he lives his life, four Super Bowl wins, six opportunities, I think he’s just such a special athlete. I’ve never met him, and I don’t think I want to. I just want to live in awe of him.

POSTED ON Friday, 01.16.2015 / 10:14 AM PT
As I've written about in the past, one of my jobs with the Ducks is periodically checking the Contact Us emails that come to us through this website. Those emails, as you can imagine, cover a wide range of topics that include autograph requests, general questions, occasional complaints and, sometimes, legitimately inspirational stories.

The one we received this morning ... I'll let it speak for itself:

Hello Anaheim Ducks!

I was watching TV the other day, and saw a show called "My 600 Pound Life," about extraordinarily obese people trying to lose weight. These are the type of people that can't fit through regular doors, need special beds and equipment, and the like.

I am not a huge hockey fan, but am familiar with the sport, though not all the rules, regulations, and nuances. Is there anything in the rulebook that would prevent a hockey team from employing one of these mega-obese people as a goalie? Some of them are so huge that, especially once they are wearing pads and a uniform, pretty much the entire goal, if not the entire goal, would be blocked if you just plopped one of these guys down on the ice in front of the net!

Pretty much the entire goal, if not the entire goal, would be blocked if you just plopped one of these guys down on the ice in front of the net! 
I realize that this goaltender would be completely immobile, and there would be a bit of loss of strategy, as the goaltender often skates out to get the puck and pass to a teammate, and this wouldn't be possible. While this might lead to a decrease in offense, who cares, since if you generally never give up any goals at all, you only need to get one goal to win!

Admittedly, it would look silly, and this extremely overweight person would need help getting on and off the ice, but if the end result is wins, then so what if the goalie looks a bit ridiculous?

Have the Ducks ever considered getting an extremely oversized person to do this? Is it allowed by the rules? I figured this would have been attempted by someone at some point if it was allowed, much like Bill Veeck put a midget up to bat at one point, knowing there was no way the opposing pitcher could throw him strikes. But, perhaps hockey owners are a more serious bunch, and there's never been a renegade owner willing to do this.

Please let me know your thoughts on this idea, and the feasibility of its implementation. Thank you!

POSTED ON Thursday, 01.15.2015 / 9:48 AM PT
The Ducks got all of their scoring in last night's 4-0 victory over the Maple Leafs from two guys who haven't exactly had dream seasons so far in 2014-15. The big news from last night was Corey Perry's hat trick, which remarkably is his NHL-leading third of the year. It's remarkable because Perry missed 15 games with the mumps and later a knee sprain.

But last night's first goal came from Kyle Palmieri (though it was a goal we didn't realize was a goal until later). It was the eighth goal in just 20 games for Palmieri, who missed the first month of the season with an ankle injury, came back hot with four goals in his first five games, then was forced to sit six more games with shoulder issues.

Here's a little more on Palmieri:

Smithtown, New York

Notre Dame


Favorite NHL players growing up

I was a big Rangers fan, and I grew up kind of right after they won the Cup in ’94. So Mark Messier and Adam Graves were guys I liked to watch.

Favorite hockey moment of your career
Winning the World Junior Championship has to be up there. It was obviously an honor to represent my country, but to win the gold medal and to do it against the Canadians was pretty cool.

Favorite movies
Super Troopers is probably No. 1. I could watch that all day. I hate scary movies. I haven’t seen a scary movie in about 10 years.

Favorite TV shows
Suits is probably my favorite. Graceland, Sons of Anarchy. I like those big drama shows.

Favorite bands
Anything country, really. A little bit of rap here and there.

Someone on your iPod you’re ashamed of

Iggy Azalea has really come on strong, so I don’t know if I’m that ashamed about her.

Celebrity crush
Mila Kunis is definitely up there.

Who would play you in a movie about your life?
What’s the guy’s name from X-Men? Hugh Jackman. He plays Wolverine and I have similar body hair.

Favorite food
Anything Italian. I eat everything except Indian food.

Favorite Orange County restaurant
Mastro’s, Teemu’s place (Selanne’s Steak Tavern) or any other good steakhouse

Favorite vacation spot
I went to Santorini in Greece three years ago, and that’s still my favorite.

Who’s the best-dressed Duck?
I’d say Beleskey

And the worst-dressed?
Cogliano has a very limited wardrobe

Do you have a secret talent?
I’m a decent cook. Some of the guys have come over to my house for dinner, and I think they enjoy my cooking. They still keep coming over.

POSTED ON Friday, 01.9.2015 / 10:02 AM PT

Teemu Memories

As part of Teemu Tribute Night this Sunday, fans were asked on Twitter and Facebook to tell us their favorite memories of Teemu from the past several years, including any stories, photos or anything else that expresses what Teemu has meant to them. Following are the fan submissions:

Logan Altman
Teemu has been a huge part of my life since I was a little boy watching him skate his first games as a Mighty Duck. I will never forget when I was at Famous Footwear and my mom said "Logan look! It's Teemu Selanne!" and I was too afraid to go up and get his autograph. Since then, I have witnessed live Teemu raise the Stanley Cup over his head back in June of 2007 and have had the pleasure of chatting with him over the years after games and practices, all while bringing up that Famous Footwear story. He was a huge reason why I began playing hockey and following the Mighty Ducks (now Anaheim Ducks). I will forever wear my signed Selanne jersey, keeping his legacy living on! Kiitos, Teemu!

Amanda Bosse
In March of 2014, my boyfriend and I travelled from our hometown of Sudbury, ON Canada to go see a Ducks game in Anaheim. The Ducks are my boyfriend's favorite sports team since he was a child, and Teemu Selanne was his favorite player. The day of the game arrived and Andrew couldn't be more excited!! When the Ducks hit the ice for warm ups, #8 was nowhere to be found. Little did we know, Selanne was out sick with the flu that night. Andrew had bought these tickets about 5-6 months before the actual trip so you can imagine his disappointment, on top of the Ducks losing to a shootout against the Montreal Canadiens.

The following night, we were making dinner plans when we decided to hit up Selanne's restaurant in Laguna Beach in hopes of running into him there. As we were walking up to the entrance of the restaurant, there he was!! Just standing there talking with some friends. Andrew ran back to the car to grab the jersey I had gotten him for Christmas that year for Selanne to sign.

Anyone who knows my boyfriend knows that he doesn't show excitement all that often, but the look on his face that night was priceless!! We posed for a few pictures until we got the one that Andrew, myself and Selanne liked the best.

That moment truly made a once in a lifetime trip, truly amazing!!

Shelby Stamberger
My dad had been Teemu's biggest fan since his career began with the Ducks. My family has owned our season tickets since the beginning of the franchise, and we had never met Teemu, our favorite player. For my dad's 50th birthday, my mom and I set up a surprise for my dad to meet his player "idol" on the last game of the season, Fan Appreciation Night. After the game was over, our ticket manager came to tell us that she wanted to discuss possibly upgrading our seats, so we followed her down to the lower levels of Honda Center. Little did my dad know that where she was taking us, we would be ready right when Teemu came out from the locker room.

When we got there, there were lines of reporters and other fans ahead of us, all anticipating the same thing as we were. However, when Teemu walked into the hallway, he came directly to us first and was so kind as to talk with us, take photos and sign all of our jerseys and a special puck for my mom at home. The strange thing was that there was a camera crew there to interview my dad about Teemu, so we still aren't quite sure where that video ended up. All in all, Teemu was so classy (as always) and it was a magical moment for all of us to meet the legendary Finnish Flash.

DeAnne Shepler
My family met Teemu at a youth hockey tournament. He was eating chili watching my kids’ game. Once my kids knew he was there they ran up to meet him. He signed autographs for all of them and even wrote a note for the one that was on the ice. He will forever be one of my favorite Mighty Ducks, so generous and gracious with the fans. 

Deanna Williams
I have so many, but here are two that are very special to me. Back in 2012 when I thought he was going to retire, I made a special photo book for him. I waited outside Honda Center before a practice, as he walked up I handed him the book. To this day, I would love to know if he liked it. He said thank you with that great smile. It contained all of the pictures I took of him at many events from 2005 until 2012. I know people are always wanting something from him, and I wanted to give him something special from my heart. It included some great pictures of him and Saku and and some of his other teammates. I thought it would be something special he could have once he retires.

My second was, in 2013 I was visiting my family in Ohio. We got to go and see the Ducks play in Columbus. My two young cousins worked all day on posters asking for a puck from Teemu. During warmups, he saw the two boys and me in my Ducks jersey and flipped a puck over to both boys. They were so excited. I brought the pucks back with me to Anaheim. The day after Christmas, I got Teemu to sign both pucks. He stated he remembered that game and flipping the pucks to my cousins’ kids. Super guy, super memories. I sure miss him doing that at Honda Center and I am sure alot of young fans miss him doing that as well. 

Brett Landrum
It was a few years back during the post-Thanksgiving game against Chicago, and I was in the Jack Daniels club during the first intermission. The Ducks had just unveiled the new third jersey (now home jersey), which of course I had immediately purchased upon my arrival to the Pond. I was wearing my new jersey proudly, and had put my old Teemu jersey, which I arrived in, into the gift bag for safe keeping.

Suddenly, a woman rushed past me to a table nearby, exclaiming "I got Teemu's autograph!" At the time, Teemu was sitting out the game with an injury.

I immediately pulled her aside, asking "where is he?!" She pointed to the nearest box, where I saw him standing with his two little boys by his side. I hurriedly asked to borrow her pen, pulled my now-retired Teemu jersey out of the bag and casually but smoothly bee-lined it for the box. Not smooth enough—I was stopped short by an usher who was clearly positioned there for this very purpose. Undeterred, I held my jersey up in the air and yelled "Teemu!" He turned, spotted me, and immediately motioned for me to enter his box. I side-stepped the usher, beaming. Teemu shook my hand, thanked me for my support, and placed his iconic signature over the #8 on the back of my jersey.

He was polite, gracious, and welcoming. The authenticity of his appreciation for his fans was clear to see. I was too star-struck to remember to ask for a photo—but it didn't matter. He made my day, and my season.

I now have the jersey custom framed on my wall, surrounded by the 2007 Stanley Cup patch and four of Teemu’s trading cards. Thank you Teemu! Go Ducks!!!

Jake Rudolph
My memories of Teemu run so far back. Not so much on meeting him personally but in the sense of falling in love with hockey. I can remember going to games when I was younger than 10 and seeing Selanne and Kariya. It was so much fun to watch and is a very special time in my childhood. Then transitioning to his return to the Ducks, this is what brought me back to Hockey.

I had not really paid attention after the cup run in 03, then hearing Teemu was back made me watch again. Now I am a diehard fan of the team, and I don't know if I would have even come back to hockey if it was not for Teemu. It is difficult to explain how much of an impact someone you have never met has had such a distinct impact on your life, but this is the case for Teemu on me. For that I would like to say thank you so much. Thank you for all the one more years. Thank you for the Stanley Cup. Thank you for all the memories. And most of all thank you for being Teemu.  

Dany Mineau-Pleau
I live in Longueuil (near Montreal) and I'm a Ducks fan since ‘93. Teemu is some kind of an inspiration to me. His determination always mean a lot to me and served to me as a example to achieve some steps in my life.

Last year, the last time he came with the Ducks in Montreal (vs Canadiens), I wanted to meet him as well as to show him his face I've tattooed on me so he can sign it (crazy right? ahah). I've worked hard to have this chance because it's not so easy to meet a celebrity without any contact. Luckily, I was at the good place at the good moment and I've meet someone who's now a good friend/contact to me who wanted to help me in my quest to ''meet the Finnish Flash''. FINALLY, I had the unique chance to finally meet him. Honestly, that was crazy and funny. I didn't know what to expect at first but after a moment, I was like wow, this is a gentlemen. Pretty kind of him, he took a picture with me, signed my jersey and my tattoo.

One of the best moments in my life. I hope I'll be able to meet him again! Thank you, Z.M. You know who you are !

It was 1996 and Teemu had just been traded to the Ducks. We were at Fan Faire at Disneyland. They would put a different player in each "land" and you would get a schedule of who was going to be there at certain times. I really wanted to get Paul Kariya's autograph, so my friend and I headed over to what was going to eventually be his line. Everyone pretty much had the same idea and the line seemed snaked around the park. They cut the line off at some point but those of us in line already ran out of time to reach Paul. The event only lasted until a certain time and pretty much all of the players had left to go home, Kariya included.

One player stayed and signed for everyone that had been waiting in line for hours. That player was Teemu Selanne. He was new to the organization at the time but still cared enough about the fans to go above and beyond what was asked of him. It happened almost 20 years ago now, but I still remember it to this day. I knew very little about him as a player that day but learned so much about him as a person. Thank you for being you Teemu.  

As most people might know, ice hockey is not the most popular sport here. ... I'm a huge Ducks fan and all that just because of Teemu. He truly changed my life and he'll be in my heart forever. Anna, 15-year-old from Germany
I'm a 15-year-old girl from Germany. And as most people might know, ice hockey is not the most popular sport here. And before 2014 I didn't know anything about hockey. But then, one day, when I watched TV, and there were the Olympic winter games in Sochi, I watched my first ever hockey game: USA vs. Finland.

After the first couple of minutes I fell in love with the game. It was so fast and exciting to watch. And then my eye caught that one guy on the Finnish team. I don't know why, but I just liked him. His name was Teemu Selänne. I Googled him and found out that he played in the NHL for the Anaheim Ducks. I didn't know what the NHL was so I did a lot of research. Since then everything was about hockey. I learned the rules, watched videos and basically tried to find out as much as possible about hockey. I know it's only been a year since then but now I know a whole lot about hockey. And even though there is a big time difference, I watch almost every game live (most of the time at 2.30 a.m!!) or I watch them after I come back from school. I'm a huge Ducks fan and all that just because of Teemu. He truly changed my life and he'll be in my heart forever.    

Sharon Kantarovich
I have been a Ducks fan since 1993. When Teemu joined the team, there was a new kind of excitement he brought with him. It seemed as if the team finally "clicked". My dad, who passed away in 1999, was a huge hockey fan, and his favorite player was Jari Kurri. After seeing Teemu play, my dad said, "Do you see that young Finnish guy over there? He's going to be the next Kurri... or greater ." My dad was always right!

When he left to San Jose and then Colorado, I was pretty upset, even more so when his career was in question with his knee injury. I was completely thrilled when he finally came back "home" to Anaheim.

When I first met my boyfriend, he asked me who my favorite Ducks player was. Who else? A few days later I was the new owner of a Winnipeg Jets Teemu signed jersey. Coincidently we have been together almost "8" years! I had attended many Ducks events (being a seat holder for 20 years!), and he was always the gracious one to sign autographs and pose for pictures with the fans. One of the best surprises was when we walked into the Club entrance one night only to find Teemu "working" at the concierge desk! Another time, we sat in the penalty box for warm ups and watch him get into his "Flash mode" up close.

The past few days have brought back so many Teemu memories! We were so fortunate to see the Selanne screening last night and learned so much more about him. Just when you thought you couldn't love this guy any more! What an amazing career! Thank you Teemu, and congratulations on an amazing career. You will be missed, and we hope to see you and your beautiful family around the OC!

Tarynne Webb
Two years ago, my husband became very ill and ended up needing emergency surgery where he almost lost his life. Three surgeries later, with the help of Violent Gentlemen and Sheldon Souray, we were back at the game and were able to meet Selanne on the benches after they played. We were blown away by the friendliness and warmth we felt from someone we had never met before! He made us feel like family. He made sure that every last bit of memorabilia was signed, and even held our friends baby for a little while.

We are so lucky to have watched such an amazing and dedicated player on the ice for all of these years, and we wish him nothing but a lifetime of happiness from here on out. Thank you for being such a big light our lives, Selanne! You will never be forgotten.

Joel Hill
Sometimes, Honda center allows local adult league hockey teams to play a game on their ice after a game. My brother had one such opportunity. After the game Teemu approached him and told him he had been watching the game and that he had talent and he should consider going pro. It's pretty awesome that Teemu would take the time after playing his own game, to sit and watch a beer league game. 

Chris Duncan
To impress the girl I was dating, I took her to a Ducks game and we were fortunate enough to meet Teemu after the game at a restaurant. As we had our picture taken, I inexplicitly threw up bunny ears behind Teemu. He was a great sport about it. That girl is now my wife, and of course Teemu is her (our) favorite player. Thanks Teemu!

Stephanie Vosler
My senior year of high school in 2007. I was a HS golfer who was taking private lessons to further my chances of being an impact player, just like Teemu, at the college I was about to attend that coming fall. I had shown up early to my lesson at Tijeras Creek Golf Club and began hitting practice shots to warm and tune up. I recognized this voice but couldn't place it. I ran through all my acquaintances and still couldn't place it. Finally I took a big stretch and at the exact same time I saw Teemu getting a new club from his bag. I instantly turned into the little girl who was meeting her idol for the first time (I was much much younger when he began playing hockey).

After his lesson my coach introduced me to him and I spoke with him for a few moments. During that time not only did I embarrass myself and make him feel old but I also received words of encouragement and praise for my swing. Embarrassingly I was so star struck that I did not ask him to sign anything for me.  

Gerald Feldman
1st was at the Fedorin Cup charity event. Teemu made himself available to all his fans for pictures and signatures. 2nd was at the Fan Fest last year. After every other player left, Teemu stayed over 2 extra hours to make sure EVERYONE in line got his signature and/or picture. He is one of the most FAN friendly players in the NHL


There are two things that come to mind. The first was when the Ducks won the Cup. I remember looking down at the Ducks bench and seeing Teemu jump up and down like a kid at Christmas. The second came at the Fedorin Cup a few years ago. I got him to sign my hat, and when I told that it was the hat I wore the night the Ducks won the Cup, he just looked so happy and had the biggest grin on his face

Michele Lee
Teemu memories. So many! I would have to put them all together and state that no matter how many times I meet him, no matter how many times I've asked for an autograph or photo, he greets me as if he's known me forever, always with a smile, and never annoyed at yet another request! He has made hockey part of my life on a daily basis, has given me and my family something we'll share forever and exemplifies a world class athlete, in every way! And of course...who could forget that Game 5 goal?!! Teemu, thanks for everything!!!!

Janet Perdikis
It was Teemus's 1st day with the Mighty Ducks, and I had taken my kids to a practice game at the rink that day to get some of the players autographs and hope to see Teemu. We watched the whole practice and got a few autographs but no Teemu. As we were getting ready to leave and the practice was over, we see this car pull into to parking lot and who do you think it is but Teemu!!! He was wonderful with all the kids and got out of the car to sign autographs and take pictures with all them that were there :). He won my heart that day!! Love you Teemu <3

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POSTED ON Thursday, 01.8.2015 / 2:09 PM PT

In his two seasons in Anaheim, Ducks goalie Frederik Andersen has already established a reputation for sporting incredible masks, including this tribute to the movie Reservoir Dogs and this one modeled after The Lego Movie.

Now Andersen will honor Ducks legend (and former teammate) Teemu Selanne by wearing a specially designed mask during Teemu Tribute Night vs. Winnipeg on Sunday.

As has been the case with Andersen's previous masks, this one was designed by  airbrush artist and custom mask painter David Gunnarsson of Sweden.

The mask will be available for bid via online auction on Sunday evening. Details for the auction will be released soon.

Click the image below to see the mask from all angles.

Selanne reacts to seeing the mask for the first time
POSTED ON Thursday, 12.4.2014 / 2:29 PM PT
Ducks fans rejoiced when word came out yesterday that goalie Ilya Bryzgalov had come out of a short retirement to join the team on a pro tryout and was working out in Anaheim with hopes of making the roster. It's not just because Bryzgalov is a quality veteran NHL netminder who can help the injury-riddle Ducks, but also because he has one of the best (and quirkiest) personalities in all of hockey. And Ducks fans got to know and love him during his four seasons here, which included some pretty incredible performances during the 2006 playoffs and early in the Cup-winning 2007 postseason.

Most of us know about the legendary "Why you haf to be mad?" interview before the Ducks faced Edmonton with former Oiler Chris Pronger for the first time or his explanation of the universe ("humongous big") from HBO's 24/7 Flyers Rangers.

For me, there is the personal story of the time I went around the Ducks locker room asking them for their favorite memories from the '06 playoffs and Bryz's answer was simply, "Free lunch."

"I am who I am. Life is [too] beautiful to be sad, to be depressed. You've got to enjoy every day of your life. The sun comes up and it’s so beautiful. Everybody is in good condition and good health. You've got to enjoy it. You've got to find the positive moments in your life every day." - Ilya Bryzgalov
After his second day of working out on the ice in Anaheim, Bryzgalov spoke with us on video, then took part in a conference call with local media. He was asked at the start if he ever thought he would be back in Anaheim, and he said, "To be honest? No. It was a big surprise for me. It’s a great place to play. I remember when I was joking with Teemu Selanne and he said this is the best place to play hockey. After my few years in hockey, I realized, yes, it’s true. This is one of the best places to play hockey."

He ended the session by responding to a question about whether he had changed since his last time in Anaheim (for which we're including the audio snippet to properly do it justice):

"You know, I don't think so. I am who I am. Life is [too] beautiful to be sad, to be depressed. You've got to enjoy every day of your life. The sun comes up and it’s so beautiful. Everybody is in good condition and good health. You've got to enjoy it. You've got to find the positive moments in your life every day."

Click here if audio won't play

I think I might get that embroidered on a pillow.

POSTED ON Thursday, 11.20.2014 / 1:02 PM PT
What do chicken cutlets, Jim Carrey and Tracy Chapman have in common? They're all favorites of Ducks winger Patrick Maroon.

The 6-2, 231-pound of St. Louis was geared for big things this season after breaking out last year with 11 goals and 18 assists in 62 games with the Ducks. The early part of his campaign was derailed when he missed suffered a lower-body injury on October 13 and was expected to be out for four weeks. But he cut that time in half and returned ot the Ducks lineup at the end of last month.

Maroon had points in four of his first five games this season, all assists, and he's still looking for his first goal of the year.

Here are a few of his favorite things:

Favorite NHL player growing up
Todd Bertuzzi. He’s a similar player to me – big and tall.

Favorite hockey moment of your career
Making it into the playoffs last year. I’d never been in an atmosphere like that before, and being in the Stanley Cup Playoffs was pretty exciting.

Why he switched to 19
That’s what I wore in the minors, when I first got traded to Syracuse. I wore 19 all the way up after that, so I figured I’d go back to it.

Favorite movies
Man on Fire is a really good movie. I love that. Dumb and Dumber is a classic.

Favorite TV shows
Friday Night Lights, for sure, and Sons of Anarchy.

Favorite bands
I love Tracy Chapman, and I love Luke Bryan.

Someone on your iPod you’re ashamed of
Justin Bieber

Celebrity crush
Mila Kunis

Who would play you in a movie about your life?
I think Jim Carrey

Favorite food
My mom’s chicken cutlets

Favorite Orange County restaurant
Roy’s in Newport Beach

Favorite vacation spot
I don’t take enough vacations, but I would say Florida.

Do you have a secret talent?
Let’s go with my roller hockey game.





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