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POSTED ON Thursday, 11.6.2014 / 3:31 PM PT
The Ducks held their annual Reading is the GOAL day today, heading to Greentree Elementary school in Irvine. As part of the day, Ducks staffers (including myself) read to classrooms and answered questions about the Ducks.

Later in the day, an assembly was held for all fourth- and fifth-grade classes, with many of the students clad in the orange Let's Go Ducks shirt provided to them as part of the #PaintItOrange campaign during last year's playoffs. (We'll have a full story on the Reading is the GOAL event in the next few days.)

Ducks wingers Devante Smith-Pelly and Matt Beleskey were featured guests at the assembly hosted by Ducks reporter Kent French. The two of them read from the children's hockey book called Brady Brady and the Twirlin' Torpedo, as one read the text and the other showed the illustrations (and they switched halfway through).

They also performed admirably during a Q&A session with the kids, fielding questions that included, "What was your worst injury?" or "How many penalties have you taken?" When it was revealed Smith-Pelly has zero penalty minutes this season, he explained it by calmly saying, "I'm a nice guy."

But there was one question that stumped the duo: "Where did you go to college?" Both players, of course, elected to play junior hockey instead of attending college, and both were drafted as 18-year-olds (Beleskey in 2006 and Smith-Pelly in 2010).

Watch in the video below as they reveal that neither of them attended college. The collective gasp in the audience is a good sign for the future academic potential of these kids. (Also note the polite applause from just one kid when Beleskey offers, "I did take one class ... and I passed.")

POSTED ON Wednesday, 10.29.2014 / 11:05 AM PT
Ducks goalie Frederik Andersen has not only established himself as one of the best netminders in the league, he is carving a reputation for manning the crease in some pretty incredible masks.

This season, Andersen has gotten off to a 6-1-0 start (with a gaudy 1.69 goals-against average and .940 save percentage) while donning this fantastic mask inspired by The Lego Movie, which we profiled over the summer. And while he's only played seven regular season games in that mask, he apparently has another incredible one on deck, this one a tribute to a more ... mature film.

Andersen's designer -- airbrush artist and custom mask painter David Gunnarsson of Sweden (who also designed John Gibson's current Pac-Man mask) -- has released photos of a new one for Andersen inspired by the Quentin Tarantino cult classic, Reservoir Dogs.

The left side of the mask has a duck depicting the character "Mr. Blonde" from the movie, whom you may know as the primary player in one of the movie's more memorable (and disturbing) scenes. Below that is a duck-themed take on an iconic photo from the movie of the main characters walking down the street in their black suites, ties and sunglasses.

The front of the mask is a closer look at that black-tie look, while the right side is a nod to the old Mighty Ducks logo, with sunglasses.

Here is how it's described on Gunnarsson's website:

Watch out... With this mask on Frederik Andersen will be transformed into a certain Mr Blonde... Just check out his iconic shirt and tie on the chin of the mask...

Frederik and me love to come up with new design ideas for every new mask... And a Reservoir Ducks mask feels so good... And more movie themed Andersen masks will come :)

And if you have seen the Reservoir movie you will see Mr Blonde is not a very nice guy... And on the side of the mask you will find Mr Blonde again, with his team, as ducks of course... And he is holding his razor...

And on the other side the Ducks logo, and as a true Reservoir Duck of course he wears sunglasses...:)

Just as usual the design is loaded with effects and details to be discovered all over the mask...

Here's a closer look, courtesy of Gunnarsson's Instagram:

POSTED ON Thursday, 10.23.2014 / 9:40 AM PT
Most hockey fans know that teams will adopt a specific pop song as their winning music for the season -- a.k.a. the tune they blast in the locker room from an iPod following a victory. And, especially because the team is in the midst of a six-game win streak, Ducks fans have been asking which song the boys have chosen for this season.

The answer (which comes from Ducks captain Ryan Getzlaf) may surprise you: "All About That Bass" newcomer from Meghan Trainor, a song that has topped the Billboard chart for seven straight weeks. Here it is:

That's not to say it's the only song that blares from the locker room speakers following a victory. Last night, for example, you could hear the catchy new hit from Taylor Swift, "Shake It Off."

For those who don't know it:

Incidentally, last year -- when the Ducks won a franchise-record 54 games -- the song they played after each of them was "Wake Me Up" by Avicii.

Here it is, in case you're working on that mix tape:

And one last thing. Many people have been asking what song is playing in the arena following a Ducks win, notably during the Three Stars presentation. Here's that one:

POSTED ON Friday, 10.17.2014 / 12:53 PM PT
Live TV isn’t easy. That red light comes on, you know thousands (if not millions) of eyes are on you, and you have a relatively short time to get your message across. Mistakes are going to be made.

Ducks TV reporter Kent French (the guy we all call “Frenchie”) has been aware of that for a long time, and he knows it all too well after a mistake he made six nights ago in Detroit took on a life of its own.

While introducing Ducks captain Ryan Getzlaf for a postgame interview on Prime Ticket after Anaheim’s 3-2 victory over the Red Wings at Joe Louis Arena, French must have had fellow Ducks center Ryan Kesler on his mind. And then this happened (click the audio icon in the corner):

The blunder by Frenchie, followed by the priceless facial expression by Getzlaf, did not go unnoticed. It soon spread throughout social media, thanks in part to the above Vine video posted by a fan named Tim Hollenback (@thollenback15). Suddenly, the hashtag #Keslaf was born, along with a fake Twitter account, Ryan Keslaf (@RKeslaf).

French, however, didn’t realize the mistake until later that night.

“I didn’t even know I said it at the time. No idea,” French says. “Nobody said a word to me, but after the game when I got on the bus, I looked at Twitter and all of a sudden I was getting a ton of tweets about it. Then [Ducks radio commentator] Dan Wood walked on and said, ‘What have you done?’ I just said, ‘I don’t know.’"

To his credit, French is as polished as they come, and on-air flubs are few and far between. This one, unfortunately for him, wasn’t missed.

“I wasn’t very happy because I don’t like to make mistakes, especially with the captain. But then Getzy comes on the bus, and the first thing he says to me is, ‘I thought we’d been together a long time.’ The next day before practice, I was in the press room reading some notes, and he walks by and he’s like, ‘Studying up on the names, bud?’”

As if Getzlaf wasn’t already aware of the expression he made, (“Oh yeah, I was giving him a look. He screwed up my name”), his friends made sure he knew about it.

“I’ve got lots of text messages with my face,” Getzlaf said with a laugh. “But I was there, I know what I did.”

Getzlaf has known French for nearly a decade and says, "You don’t see Frenchie mess up very often, and I thought he transitioned great after he did it.”

Of course, social media – not to mention Frenchie’s co-workers here in the Ducks offices – have made certain that he doesn’t forget about it anytime soon.

“I don’t like to mess up, but you just kind of roll with it and have fun with it,” Frenchie says. “I always tell people: It’s live TV, you’re going to make mistakes. It’s how you move on from those mistakes.

“But Getzy’s been great about it and the fans are having a good time with it, so it’s fine.”

POSTED ON Thursday, 10.16.2014 / 1:54 PM PT
If you were anywhere near social media on Monday night -- or if you happened to be watching the Rams plays the 49ers on Monday Night football -- you may have noticed this:

The telecast happened to show a glimpse of the tattoo on the back of Rams wide receiver Austin Pettis' neck, which looks none other than the old Mighty Ducks logo. It makes sense, since Pettis is a native of Orange County who was born in Anaheim and attended Orange Lutheran High before going off to Boise State and eventually getting drafted by the Rams. And if the name sounds familiar to Orange County sports fans, his uncle is former Angels outfielder Gary Pettis.

The Ducks Twitter had this exchange with Pettis after the game Monday night:

Pettis explained the tattoo in an interview that aired on the Rams website. "One, it's a great movie," he said, half-jokingly. "I'm from Anaheim, I was born and raised. The Ducks were right down the street. I was able to watch the Angels games, the Ducks games my whole life growing up. I pretty much just grew up being a big fan. I know you wouldn't expect a lot of footbally guys to be hockey fans, but I'm a sports fan, so I enjoy it."

Here's the full interview and below you can see a little more of the ink.

POSTED ON Tuesday, 10.14.2014 / 4:15 PM PT
Yesterday afternoon, young Ducks center had the kind of game he'll remember the rest of his life, scoring the first two goals of his fledgling NHL career in a 5-1 win over the Sabres in Buffalo. 

The 21-year-old Swede, who made the Ducks opening night roster after a strong training camp, has earned the ironic nickname of "Wild Bill" despite his soft-spoken nature. After that game in Buffalo, the guys in the NHL Live studio asked Karlsson about it during an Arena Cam interview from the benches at First Niagara Center.

"I don't actually know where it comes from,” Karlsson said. “Our Strength and Conditioning Coach [Sean Skahan] just started calling me 'Wild Bill' and then everybody else picked it up. I'm ‘Wild Bill’ forever, I guess."

It's at least caught on to the point that it's included in his Wikipedia profile. Here's the rest of that NHL Live interview, during part of which Karlsson needlessly apologizes for his English:

POSTED ON Monday, 10.6.2014 / 1:45 PM PT
I got an email last last night from a Rebecca Roberts with the subject line: A romantic fan story from the UK. It reads as follows:

Dear Adam,

About a year ago, I met a guy named Stuart while working in a local bar. Our eyes met across the tequila-smothered surface, and I spent the rest of the night plying him with shots as a good bargirl would. On our first date, three ‘make or break’ facts emerged. One: Stuart was an ice hockey player, a sport I know absolutely nothing about. Two: Stuart is a loyal Anaheim Ducks fan, and has been for over seven years. Three: We had started dating at exactly the right time; it was the start of the NHL season, and he was just so excited to share it with me.

As our romance blossomed, so did the time spent watching and reading every single game, blog and news update. My Google Chrome favourites ‘’ over any other duck-related Google search and, believe me, there are many. Breakfast in bed? We were joined by Saku Koivu. Romantic candlelit dinner? We made it a party – left, right and centre. Mini-break to Berlin? Who needs Brandenburg Gate and currywurst when we have Ryan Getzlaf and some cheap popcorn?

It was midway through this mini-break that I decided to face my reality. If this relationship was going to work, I had to learn about ice hockey, and I had to become a Ducks fan. Stuart brushed remnants of salty popcorn from his increasingly unruly beard (he had to support the players, after all), and in the time it takes Cogliano to cross the rink, he had created a ‘Hockey 101’ poster for my perusal. I learnt about the rink layout and game time, player descriptions, icing, penalties and why we should really like Bruce Boudreau. All was complemented by pausing games at specific points to show how the Ducks players executed forechecks, line changes and power plays to perfection.

I was hooked. I loved the bold colours, the tension during shootouts, the crazed fan’s cheers and exasperated sighs, and most of all, the crisp sound of skates on ice. As the Ducks ventured further into the Stanley Cup playoffs, I even handmade a ‘Holy Ducks’ prayer flag, reminiscent of the Nepalese prayer flags. Sadly, my efforts came a little too late. We were out of the Stanley Cup Playoffs, and now our Holy Ducks prayer flag hangs limply on Stuart’s noticeboard, waiting for next year’s victory. Next came free agency, which caused Stuart a bit of stress. But, as I kept on reminding him, everyone needs a bear killer on their team.

The months between the Draft and preseason games were tough. Coping mechanisms included watching Disney’s The Mighty Ducks every morning and night, listening to Ice Ice Baby by Vanilla Ice, downloading the Ducks mobile app, or just going back to that tequila-smothered bar surface and waiting for September to come round. Now, four months later, preseason games have begun and, as the roster changes, so does our relationship: We have moved in together.

As a ‘Date Night’ idea, Stuart proposed that we buy some cheap cereal bowls and paint them together. What a romantic, creative and economical idea, I thought. We can share an intimate evening together without the company of the Ducks. As I dabbed my paint brush into the red acrylic pot and delicately started to construct a flower design, I noticed Stuart outlining an all too familiar emblem onto his bowl face. His bowl design was a tribute to the team, adorned with both the new and old logo*.

Having become an enthusiastic Ducks fan myself, I supported Stuart’s source of creative energy. Once finished, I suggested we write a themed message on the bottom of our bowls, etching our love and truly making our house a home.

This is mine: "I love you (plus cereal)."

This is Stuart’s: "I love Corey Perry #10 (plus cereal)."

I’ll let that sink in.

Best wishes,

*Stuart is eager to add that, if you need any additional merchandise, do not hesitate to get in touch.

POSTED ON Monday, 09.29.2014 / 2:27 PM PT

He's a former Ducks first round pick (2011) with tons of promise, a guy who is in a battle in camp for a coveted center spot in Anaheim's opening night lineup.

But while Ducks fans have seen some of what 21-year-old Swede Rickard Rakell can do on the ice in his 22 career games with Anaheim (plus four in last year's playoffs), they don't know a ton about him.

Here's a little more on Rakell:

Favorite NHL player growing up
Peter Forsberg and Alexei Kovalev

Favorite hockey moment of your career
Winning gold for Team Sweden in the World Juniors in Calgary in 2012

Pregame superstitions
Putting my gear on left to right

Favorite movies
Step Brothers, The Blind Side

Best movie you've seen recently
22 Jump Street

Favorite TV shows
Modern Family, Big Bang Theory, Paradise Hotel

Favorite bands
Rebelution, Volbeat, UB40

Someone on your iPod you’re ashamed of

Favorite food
Swedish pancakes, Swedish pizza

Favorite Orange County restaurant
The Catch in Anaheim

Do you have a secret talent?
Ping pong  

Strangest thing you've ever been asked to autograph

How you spent the summer
At home in Stockholm, but I visited Hampus [Lindholm] in Skåne one weekend.

POSTED ON Friday, 09.26.2014 / 11:58 AM PT
Among the bevy of new faces on the Ducks roster this season is big veteran winger Dany Heatley, who signed a one-year deal with Anaheim back in July. The 33-year-old Heatley is embarking on his 13th season in the NHL, having spent time in Atlanta, Ottawa (where he got familiar with the Ducks during the '07 Final), San Jose and Minnesota (where he spent the last three campaigns).

Heatley (nicknamed "Heater") is already off to a (we'll say warm) start in Anaheim, having potted two preseason goals, including one last night in LA.

We found out a little more about his personal side a few days ago after a camp practice:

Favorite NHL player growing up
Brett Hull. He scored a ton of goals.

Favorite hockey moment of your career
Probably winning the gold [with Team Canada] in Vancouver.

Pregame superstitions
There are too many to name.

Favorite movie
Major League

Favorite TV shows
I liked Entourage and Californication a lot.

Favorite band
Dave Matthews Band

Someone on your iPad you’re ashamed of
Taylor Swift

Celebrity crush
Charlize Theron

Who would play you in a movie about your life?
Tim Robbins

Favorite food
Sushi and Italian

Favorite vacation spot
Kelowna, British Columbia

How you spent your summer
I was up in BC and spent a lot of time by the lake, just relaxing and playing a little golf. I was down in Orange County a little bit too.

POSTED ON Wednesday, 09.24.2014 / 11:22 AM PT

Ducks winger Matt Beleskey hasn't seen game action this preseason as he continues to recover from an abdominal injury suffered in Game 3 of the Kings series, which knocked him out for the rest of the playoffs.

Beleskey has been rehabbing the injury since then, which is only a part of a busy offseason for the 26-year-old. Matt (known by many as "Bels") and his new wife Victoria got married back in mid-August in his hometown of Barrie, Ontario. Beleskey talked about the wedding and more during some downtime in this Ducks camp, and we've provided some photos to go with it (courtesy of Matt's Twitter feed).

How was the wedding?

It was great. We had a perfect day, one of the nicest days of the summer. Everything ran smoothly, we got to see everyone and it was just an awesome day.

Notice the rubber Ducky bride and groom on their plates

And the honeymoon?
We went to Tahiti, and it was awesome. Tahiti is a pretty nice place to be. It’s very relaxing. After you plan a wedding and all of that, to spend a week and a half with your wife is quite a good time. We swam with some sharks, some stingrays, did some touring around the island. We really just took in the Tahitian lifestyle.

Anything else you did this summer?
It was a lot of planning between the bachelor party and all of the showers and all that. I tried to get some golf in when I could, and I played in Pebble Beach for a few days during NHLPA meetings.

Coming back from that groin injury, there was a lot of training with my trainer back home. So, it was a pretty busy summer, that’s for sure.

More on Matt

Favorite NHL players growing up
Wendel Clark, Eric Lindros and Doug Gilmour. That’s a good three.

Favorite hockey moment of your career
I’d have to say it’s my first goal. It was at home against Detroit, so that was a pretty great moment.

Pregame superstitions
You know, it’s starting to get pretty extensive. Nothing too crazy, but I have a full routine from the minute I leave my house until gametime that I follow. I like to get my green juice on the way there to get me going, and then it’s stretching and a lot of little stuff.

Favorite movies
Dumb and Dumber, for sure. Slap Shot is a classic. I’m a big fan of the movie Lawless, which is kind of a newer one.

Favorite TV shows
Sons of Anarchy for sure and Breaking Bad. I watch a lot of hockey and I’ll watch my Blue Jays. Football is kind of growing on me too.

Favorite bands
There’s Pearl Jam. I’ve been on a big City and Colour kick lately. I listen to everything.

Someone on your iPod you’re ashamed of
I’m glad to say I don’t have any Miley Cyrus or Justin Bieber, so I think I’m okay.

Who would play you in a movie about your life?
I’ll go with the guy from Lawless, Tom Hardy.

Favorite food
I would have to say sushi.

Favorite restaurant in Orange County
San Shi Go by the Balboa Pier

Secret talent
Guitar, I guess. Maybe that’s not a secret.





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