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POSTED ON Thursday, 01.2.2014 / 1:20 PM PT
Lovejoy talked about the birth of his first child today after practice.
It isn’t every day that a defensive play in a game with nine combined goals is considered the play of the game, but you could make an argument for the play Ben Lovejoy made two nights ago against the Sharks at Honda Center. With the Ducks clinging to a one-goal lead, Jonas Hiller went behind the net to chase a dumped puck, but it took a funny bounce off the glass and ended up on Joe Thornton’s stick in front. Thornton shot it immediately toward the abandoned net, only to be thwarted by Lovejoy’s diving save with the stick. Here’s a look at it.

Less than a minute later, Matt Beleskey scored to give the Ducks a two-goal lead and they never looked back in eventually downing the Sharks 6-3 for a key payback win.

But that play wasn’t even close to being the highlight of Lovejoy’s New Year’s Eve. That morning, his wife Avery gave birth to their first child, a daughter named Lila. The man who has for a long time been called "The Reverend" can now be called Father.

The Ducks had yesterday off, but after practice today at Honda Center, Lovejoy told the story:

How are you feeling after these last couple of days?
Personally, I’m doing very well. We took her home yesterday at 3:00. She slept and ate, on and off. She and Avery went to bed at about 9, and they were up on and off throughout the night. Eventually Avery took her and slept in the other room with her. They were both sound asleep when I got up at 7:30, and I left at 8:30. I’m very excited to get back there and hang out.

So what led up to the birth on Tuesday morning?
The day before, on the 30th, I was getting ready to leave for practice and Avery said, “Nope. We’re going to the hospital.” So we were in the hospital from about 9 to 2 that day. They told us to leave for a few hours, walk around and come back when contractions were a little closer. They never got closer, so at 10:30 at night, I told her, “We’re playing the Sharks tomorrow. I’m going to bed. Wake me up when you need to go to the hospital.” So 1:30 rolled around and she said, “We’re going.” I broke a few speed limits on our way to the hospital in Orange. We got there about 1:45, and the nurses were very impressed with how long we waited. They said we were going to have the baby quite quick, which in my mind meant like 45 minutes [laughs]. We were there from 1:45 to 10:24 in the morning, which is when she gave birth. So evidently I was very naïve, since I thought it would be a lot quicker than that.

Lila came out, the doctors checked her all out, I was there another hour and they were very healthy and everything. I told Avery I was playing the Sharks tonight and I had to go eat and get to the rink.

Lovejoy and wife Avery (from their wedding announcement in 2010.
Was there any thought of not playing the game?
Not in my mind. I’m sure Avery thought differently [laughs]. I had gotten texts at 8:30 that morning from Bruce wondering how things were going. I was very impressed with how supportive everyone was, throughout the whole team. Nobody expected me here for pregame skate or the game. They were like, Take care of things with your family. But I think they, like me, were extremely excited that it happened well before the game and that I was able to get here.

And that night, you may have had the play of the game with a great defensive play.
That was a very bad bounce off the glass. Jonas had carried us early and …

(Hiller is sitting two locker stalls away listening in…)

This guy right here, that we’re sitting next to and I’m pumping his tires right now. He’s bailed me out so many times, but in this case, he went back for a puck that was on the boards and it should not have exploded. But it bounced up and hit the glass, hit a stanchion and came out in front of the net. I went full extension and was able to get a piece of it.

After the game, when the other players were going to various New Year’s Eve celebrations, you headed to the hospital.

Yeah, I did very little partying. It was a very satisfying night. I was exhausted during the game. I had a lot of adrenaline, but I had to play a smart game. I did not have a lot of jump in my legs. I took 38-second shifts, which I looked at after the game. And afterward, I drove to the hospital, and it was just a very satisfied feeling. I was very happy, my wife was very happy and … I couldn’t tell what my daughter was thinking [laughs]. It was just an all-around amazing day.

Did she watch the game from the hospital?
No, she didn’t. They didn’t get it in the hospital, apparently. But actually, the nurse who spent the whole day with Avery yesterday was at the game. That was pretty cool. She was very excited, and she was tremendous.

Did you make it to midnight?
I did. I hung out till after midnight at the hospital, and then I went home to sleep. Avery got some sleep and Lila went to the nursery for awhile. Yesterday we got some tests done and signed some papers, and when the nurses were ready, they allowed us to come home.

So, are you ready for all this fatherhood stuff?
I am. I am a very prepared guy in everything I do. I waited until I was almost 30 on purpose. I was not ready for this as a 23- or 24-year-old. I had some growing up to do. I keep getting texts and calls from my dad, who I think is trying to make me nervous, because he’s telling me about how nervous he was. I’m really quite confident that we’re gonna do a good job, and I’m very excited to balance Avery, Lila and ice hockey.

POSTED ON Thursday, 12.19.2013 / 10:23 AM PT

With the Ducks in the New Jersey/New York area for the next few days, Dustin Penner stopped by the Fox Sports 1 studios to be a guest on a show called Crowd Goes Wild. He was of course asked about his pancake incident during his time in LA, and then came an actual hockey question from fetching British co-host Georgie Thompson. As soon as she asked Penner a question -- something about a "scoring surge" -- Penner couldn't resist turning on the charmp. "That's a lovely accent," he said, in a soft voice. "Is that ... New Jersey?"

Thompson, who is actually from England, joked that it's either New Jersey or Australian, after which Penner pretended to forget what the question was. Here's the video, which has some more Penner gems, including a joke that the team's "rookie dinner" would come at Applebee's that night:

Later, Penner endured their Questions Out of Left Field segment, in which he pulls out his tooth and when asked which oc the Real Housewives he'd want to be with, replies, "Absolutely none of them."

He then took on co-host Katie Nolan in a game called "Hockey Dentist" in which each of them tried to knock out the teeth on a large photo of normal host Regis Phibin. After she came up empty, Penner -- clearly better with a puck than a street hockey ball -- gets off to a slow start before knocking out a few Chiclets.

POSTED ON Tuesday, 12.10.2013 / 4:41 PM PT

One of the funnier moments from today's Reading is the GOAL Day at Arovista Elementary School in Brea came during the assembly held for 250 kids grades four through six. Host Kent French was going through his opening remarks, as Francois Beauchemin and Nick Bonino were seated behind a curtain and getting ready to read to the kids.

Kent said to the kids, "I'm about to introduce to you some good friends of mine..." and a voice came booming over the PA system from backstage that was unmistakably Beauchemin: "We're not good friends."

No one laughed harder than Beauchemin himself, as Frenchie tried to compose himself and quietly said, "Well, I thought we were friends."

Here's a look at the video that a Ducks staffer happened to be shooting during the moment. You can barely hear Beauch, but you can plainly see his self-satisfaction.

POSTED ON Monday, 12.2.2013 / 10:57 AM PT
As we move into December, that means we say goodbye to Movember, where many Ducks (and their fans) grew mustaches to support the cause that brings awareness to men's health issues.

Back in the early days of November, we talked to a few Ducks to discuss who would have the best mustache:

As you can see below, a few Ducks had some pretty good growth above the upper lip:

And the Ducks staff got into the spirit (click the image for a larger version):

Some of the players have kept their 'staches for now, but Jonas Hiller was one Duck who documented the eradication of his, posting this photo on his Facebook page. The hair, as you can see, was noticeably untouched.

POSTED ON Monday, 12.2.2013 / 10:43 AM PT

The timing is good, since he just scored his first goal as a Duck to help Anaheim secure a point last Saturday night in San Jose. So, as seen in the latest edition of Ducks Digest, we got to know Ben Lovejoy a bit more with some pop culture questions. (Thanks to Ducks staffer Kyle Shohara for compiling these.)

TV show you can't live without
Parks and Recreation

Embarrassing song/artist on your iPod
I have a couple of One Direction songs

Funniest guy on the team
I honestly enjoy Bones [Nick Bonino] the most because he gets picked on a lot, but he’s good at laughing at himself. [Nick chimes in with “and making jokes back at people”].

Most embarrassing moment. 
I have no embarrassing moments. I’m never embarrassed with myself. That’s it.

Favorite road city
Playing in Boston. It was the team I grew up cheering for. I always have a lot of people come there. I love going there.

Favorite restaurant in Orange County
There are a lot to choose from. I like going to brunch at Pain du Monde. There are a couple of them around. That’s my favorite.

Best-dressed on the team
I think Matt Beleskey always looks good. He wears stuff that I would not be comfortable wearing, but he does it with confidence, and he looks good.

Worst-dressed on the team
Corey Perry and Ryan Getzlaf look like they bought a lot of high-end suits when they came into the league about nine years ago.

Electronic item you can't live without
I get made fun of a lot, but I’m addicted to my phone. It’s probably my most prized possession.

One thing you have to do pregame
I have to do so many things pregame. I don’t call them superstitions. I call them rituals or routines because routines doesn’t sound as weird.

POSTED ON Wednesday, 11.27.2013 / 11:43 AM PT

As seen in the latest edition of Ducks Digest, we got to know Cam Fowler a bit more with some pop culture questions. (Thanks to Ducks staffer Kyle Shohara for compiling these.)

TV show you can't live without
Big Bang Theory or Seinfeld

Embarrassing song/artist on your iPod
Miley Cyrus

Funniest guy on the team
I’d say Andrew Cogliano or Nick Bonino

Most embarrassing moment. On ice or off.
I have plenty of them. When I was younger, we were at a tournament and the lights were off while we were skating around. I stepped on a puck and just buried myself right into the boards.

Favorite road city
Chicago. It’s a great city that has a little bit of everything. Great restaurants. It’s one of my favorite road arenas just to play in. It’s always sold out, loud, and has a lot of energy.

Favorite restaurant in Orange County
That’s a tough one. I like Cucina Roma and The Cannery.

Best-dressed on the team
I’d have to say Sheldon Souray. He can pull some stuff off that I can’t.

Worst-dressed on the team
Maybe Ryan Getzlaf? He’s the first guy I thought of. Most guys are pretty well-dressed, I’d say.

Electronic item you can't live without
My phone.

Why are goalies so weird?
You’ve gotta be weird if you’re going to sit in front of the net and take 100 mile-per-hour shots at you. You’ve gotta be a little different if you’re doing that.

One thing you HAVE to do pregame
I have to nap. It kind of messes me up if I don’t nap. I also need to get my pasta in me and shut it down. Hour-and-a-half nap for me. I used to be a little bit longer, but I’d wake up and just feel a little sluggish, so an hour-and-a-half is a good number. I get up, shower, and always have a bowl of Raisin Bran cereal, and then I come to the rink.

POSTED ON Friday, 11.15.2013 / 11:09 AM PT
Every year during the first day of training camp, our team photographer shoots portrait shots of various Ducks to use in Ducks Digest and elsewhere. Some are more ... let's say interesting ... than others. A recent look through the collection for this season revealed a few beauties: 

"Hello, ladies."

Don't mess with Kyle Palmieri. Seriously.

"You are getting verrrrrrrry sleeeeeepy..."

Not sure what the photographer had in mind for this one.

One Swede was ready for the shot. One was not.

Ben Lovejoy, catalog model

Cam Fowler is not impressed.

And finally, one for the ladies...

POSTED ON Thursday, 11.14.2013 / 12:40 PM PT
In case you missed it on Ducks Weekly, the always affable Ben Lovejoy was featured in a "ride-along" segment. Among the highlights: 

- "My dad was a very average college player ... Hi, Dad."
- On growing up idolizing Ray Bourque: "I wish I had a little bit more of his game in mine. I've had to settle, unfortunately."
- On his favorite movie, The Count of Monte Christo: "I love the calculated revenge. I didn't love the book. I think I had to read it in high school, but I love the movie."
- On the incident during his time in Pittsburgh that was documented on HBO's 24/7. "I scored my first goal, got in my first fight ... and got hit with a slap shot in the face. The left side of my face just exploded. I had another third added on to my face. It became the Ben Lovejoy Hat Trick. I became a bit of a reality TV star in Pittsburgh in Canada. Still to this day I'll sign photos of it."
- "I've been lucky, and been able to make a great living playing an awesome game."
(Well said.)

Here's the whole feature:
POSTED ON Wednesday, 10.30.2013 / 1:08 PM PT
Bonino in a simpler time.
It was a bit of a homecoming for Ducks center Nick Bonino today in Boston, when the Ducks held a practice at his old stomping grounds: Agganis Arena on the campus of Boston University.

Bonino was a star for the Terriers for three seasons (2007 through 2010), where he somewhat famously scored a gargantuan game-tying goal late in regulation in the 2009 Frozen Four final against Miami (OH) to help BU capture the national championship. It's the first time he's been back in Boston with the Ducks since December of 2010, a 3-0 Anaheim victory at TD Garden.

Today, the Ducks decided to honor Bonino's trip back to his alma mater in a number of ways, and he talked about the experience.

Tell us what happened when you got to practice today at the rink

There was a huge sign welcoming me when I walked in, but nobody will take credit for it. It had to be Sluggo [Ducks equipment manager Doug Shearer] or one of his partners. Last time we practice there, they shaving-creamed my gloves, so today I hid my skates and my gloves so they couldn’t mess with them. But they ended up finding my skates and my gloves, cut my laces, cut my sticks, hid my sticks … just played some pranks on me. But it was fun. We got to use the facility and I played some ping pong there against Getzy. It was great being back there.

We saw that you practiced in a red BU jersey. What was that all about?
Bruce did that. The guys in the red [practice jerseys] are usually Getzy’s line, but today they had me in the red BU jersey and Cogs [Andrew Cogliano] and Palms [Kyle Palmieri] and our line was the first line. We started every drill and everything. It was pretty funny, all in good fun.

And what happened after practice?
They took my laundry bag with all my clothes in it and put tape all around it, so when I got off the ice, I found it there. It was a pain.

Beyond that, how meaningful is it for you to be back in Boston?
Obviously you finish your college career there and you know you’ll never play there again. But it was pretty cool being able to go back there with the Ducks and skate on the ice and use the facility and see all the familiar faces.

It’s fun to walk the streets and everything is so familiar there. It’s like you haven’t been gone. And it’s pretty cool to be in Agganis and see the championship banner and stuff like that. Guys make fun of you for being back, because I had a smile on my face the whole day. But it was really cool to be back there and catch up with everyone, to see the rink again and see all the guys. It was really fun.

What’s the plan for the rest of the day in the city?

I’m going to the Red Sox game tonight. I got tickets through my agent and I’m going with Cam [Fowler]. Getzy got some tickets and he’s going with Perry, Penner and [Strength & Conditioning coach] Sean Skahan. I’m a big Sox fan. It’s gonna be a lot of fun.

Will you have a lot of friends and family watching you play tomorrow against the Bruins?
Oh yeah. I’ll have a bunch of people there. I put some tickets aside for people. I’ll probably know about 20 to 30 people there. It should be fun.

POSTED ON Wednesday, 10.30.2013 / 10:43 AM PT
As much as young Hampus Lindholm has looked good on the ice so far this season for the Ducks, he’s also been impressive away from it, with a demeanor and an intelligence well beyond his 19 years.

He apparently made a significant impact with some fans in the area as well, according to another nice Contact Us email we received this week:

I wanted to drop a message to Hampus Lindholm, if possible. This past July, my husband and I met him and some other players at the Doubletree Inn in Orange. My father had a severe stroke and we were dealing with his problems at UCI Medical Center. At the hotel, we met these young players. All of them were so kind to us.

Hampus was such a wonderful young man. Whenever I saw him, he offered to get me a chair to sit in (as I was tired), he offered to get me something to drink and he always asked about my dad. I wanted you to know what a great ambassador off the ice Hampus is and to somehow tell him that my dad has made a remarkable recovery.

If you could somehow relay this message to him, that would be appreciated. I also wanted to let the Ducks organization know that he is a great representative for the team off the ice; his character is top notch. We will not forget his kindness ever during a very difficult time. We watch him play when the games are telecast and are so proud of him. I thank you in advance, and if you could let Hampus know, things are much better and we are his biggest fans!

Thank you,
Jeff and Kathy Wohlford





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