How Teemu's Return Looked on Social Media

Thursday, 07.12.2012 / 3:42 PM

It's beyond ironic to consider the social media impact that Teemu Selanne's announcement had today, considering that when he came into the league, there was no Facebook, there was no Twitter, heck, there was no internet. We were calling friends on our rotary phones to talk about what we watched on our black and white TVs that night (okay, maybe that's a stretch).

But the strategy were here in Ducks land used to release the announcement, then the reaction that announcement got throughout the day, was slathered in social media -- and that's a pretty cool thing.

Letting you in on a little something, this video we used to spring the announcement was actually shot back in May, before Teemu headed to Finland for the summer and his current vacation in Italy (not a bad life he leads). It was shot with a "just in case" intent, even though most of us here were pretty certain he was coming back for another year. (For whatever reason, this one felt more assured than some of the offseasons in the past.)

In the days leading up

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