Pet Ducks? No, Ducks Pets

Tuesday, 03.26.2013 / 11:21 AM

In honor of Animal Shelter Night, which the Ducks in conjunction with OC Animal Care during Sunday’s game with Detroit, we asked the Ducks wives and girlfriends to send in photos of their guys with their pets. Below is a collection and some info on the pets.

Side note: My favorite part of gathering this information was when I talked to Francois Beauchemin about his big dog, . I mentioned that Bobby Ryan had two cats? “Two cats??” he said with a laugh. “How aggressive.”

Corey Perry

Dog’s name: Max

The dog is originally from Ontario, Canada and belonged to Corey’s girlfriend Blakeny, but Corey “adopted him” two years ago.

Ryan Getzlaf

Dog’s name: Mia Bear

She was adopted in Newport Beach four years ago, and Ryan and his wife Paige like to take her to a dog beach in Huntington.

Francois Beauchemin

Dog’s name is Buster

I got him in February 2010 in Toronto, a couple weeks before I got trade back here.

Bryan Allen

Dog’s name: Tank

Tank is going to be 10 years old this year and was adopted in Kingston, Ontario. He was brought from Florida (where Allen played previously) to Orange County via a service that drives pets to new homes. Allen’s wife says that Bryan like to “share his food with him.”

Bobby Ryan

Cats’ names: Prince and Pelle.

Prince and Pelle are 3-year-old brothers that were adopted in Newport Beach as a Valentine’s Day gift in 2010.

Nick Bonino

Dog’s name: Kali

Nick has had Kali for just a month, adopted from Russo’s in Fashion Island

Brad Staubitz

Dog’s name is Mabel

Mabel is just over a year and a half and was adopted in Staubitz’s hometown of Sarnia, Southern Ontario, “so she’s a little Canadian pup. We had to drive her down here when I signed here because she was only six months old.

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