Decent Proposals: Bonino and Beleskey on How They Got Engaged

Tuesday, 10.01.2013 / 5:23 PM

For a piece in Ducks Digest, we're been asking the traditional question to a number of players: What did you do over the summer?

We've learned that two Ducks -- Viktor Fasth and Jonas Hiller -- got married, while two others -- Matt Beleskey and Nick Bonino -- got engaged. Both Beleskey and Bonino (Bels and Bones, if you will) have unique proposal stories. Here they are in brief:

Nick Bonino

"It’s a funny story, and I’ll try to keep it short. I did it in St. Albert, Edmonton, where my Lauren is from. I did it in front of her family, and I wanted to do it in a suit. I felt that was very gentleman-like. It was 85 degrees at 11 at night, and we were watching the fireworks, since it was Canada Day, July 1st. I wore a tracksuit over my real suit, and I went out to get her and I was just sweating like crazy. It was so hot.

"I ended up telling her, 'Let’s take a walk' and she thought I was sick or something because I was sweating so much. I told her to close her eyes, and I had the suit on and the ring. So, that’s the soft side of Nick Bonino. We’re getting married next year on July 5 in Boston.

Matt Beleskey

"I actually put [the engagement ring] on my dog Karl’s collar. He was the delivery boy for me, and it worked out pretty well. She seemed pretty shocked, that’s for sure. Once I made up my mind, it really wasn’t a nervous thing. I was just hoping she said yes. She’s planning. Next summer, hopefully, we’ll tie the knot. We have our venue planned and everything. It’s going to be a good summer again, but first, we have a big season to have."

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