Beauch is Funny

Tuesday, 12.10.2013 / 7:41 PM

One of the funnier moments from today's Reading is the GOAL Day at Arovista Elementary School in Brea came during the assembly held for 250 kids grades fourth through sixth. Host Kent French was going through his opening remarks, as Francois Beauchemin and Nick Bonino were seated behind a curtain and getting ready to read to the kids.

Kent said to the kids, "I'm about to introduce to you some good friends of mine..." and a voice came booming over the PA system from backstage that was unmistakably Beauchemin: "We're not good friends."

No one laughed harder than Beauchemin himself, as Frenchie tried to compose himself. Here's a look at the video that a Ducks staffer happened to be shooting during the moment. You can barely hear Beauch, but you can plainly see his self-satisfaction.

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