Ducks-Canucks Takes on Added Meaning

Thursday, 01.16.2014 / 5:00 PM

As much as last night's Ducks-Canucks game resonated with fans -- who watched their team score a club-record nine goals in a 9-1 trouncing at Honda Center -- it meant a little bit more to one family.

I got this email this morning from a friend named Thomas, who was a former staffer with the Ducks and Kings:

My Uncle Dave Myers – a long time Ducks season ticket holder – passed away last night at 67. You guys put on one hell of a show to send him off. We had started hospice Monday. He wasn’t talking or opening his eyes since Tuesday. We put the game on last night to watch one last Ducks game with him. They say the hearing is the last to go – I am pretty sure he heard all nine Ducks goal horns last night! He grunted a few times throughout the game – usually after goal horns. When the final horn sounded – we turned off the TV and he gently drifted off at 10:30.

Ironically – he brought me to my first game in 1993. I don’t think I ever would have worked in hockey had he not.

Anyway – I thought I would pass on the story.

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