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Thursday, 03.20.2014 / 3:37 PM

To celebrate their eight-year anniversary, Twitter is giving people the ability to discover their first-ever tweet. We gathered some of the Ducks' first tweets (although a few of them were just retweets or replies) and posted them below. We also asked our fans to show us their first ones if they were Ducks-related.

Player Tweets

@Matt_Beleskey Last day of camp tomorrow. Then to the real fun

Matt Beleskey (@Matt_Beleskey) September 20, 2010

What's up twitter, seems silly to tweet to 0 followers but I already committed to it

Nick Bonino (@NickBonino) November 7, 2011

first day of twitter, overcast in pretentious town

daniel winnik (@Danwinnik34) April 23, 2011

I'm thinking Emerson Etem is regretting this one...

goin rollerbladin' killin some hills!!

Emerson Etem (@tweetem_up) April 1, 2010

Apparently Ben Lovejoy was dealing with an imposter...

I'm in the twitter game to clear my name. @benlovejoy6 isn't nearly witty enough to be the real Ben.

ben lovejoy (@RevLovejoy6) October 30, 2011

Cam Fowler actually re-joined Twitter with his current handle, and used his first tweet back to chirp a (now former) teammate...

@Dustinpenner25 doesn't need sleeves, his arm hair keeps him nice and warm pic.twitter.com/t4Ull7j2qQ

Cam Fowler (@C_Fowler4) December 8, 2013

Kyle Palmieri had a little early trouble with the lingo...

let the controversial twatting begin

Kyle Palmieri (@kylepalmieri) August 14, 2011

Fan Tweets

@BenMA7 @Christo6116 Scotty N ! pic.twitter.com/qoyF0VJ598

— Steven (@309steve) July 9, 2013

@Matt_Beleskey Glad to hear you're OK, Matt. Rest up and hope to see you on the ice Friday night!

— Phil (@philloveshockey) October 27, 2010

@SKEleven said the Ducks were the reason she joined Twitter in the first place...

Enjoying my three day weekend and anxiously waiting for tomorrows match up between the Ducks and the NY Rangers! GO DUCKS!

— SK (@SKeleven) January 19, 2009

I finally gave in an joined but it's only so I can stalk my fav hockey team #anaheim ducks ;)

— Cristina (@ducksfan89) March 9, 2013

@ducksfan713 kicked things off with a good old-fashioned chirping of a Sharks fan

@sharkie24 why do you guys get so amped up over a preseason game?maybe because you won't choke in the preseason?

— michael (@ducksfan713) September 25, 2010

And the first tweet for famous Ducks fan @LadyTennisBall was apparently a reply to me...

@AdamJBrady a few extra TV's around the house to watch sports (mostly hockey) are always a good idea!! Definitely not a ridiculous idea!

— Dawn (@LadyTennisBall) September 13, 2010

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