North American Skater
HEIGHT: 5' 10"
BIRTHDATE: March 22, 1990
BORN IN: Richmond, BC, CAN

On his style of play:  I think I'm a speedy forward that can contribute offensively, is reliable defensively and I can play in all situations. 


On getting his start in hockey:  My parents put me in a little program called Little Gretzky’s when I was three years old and that's where it started.  I grew up going through the South Delta Minor (British Columbia) Hockey Association for eight or nine years and then played for a major midget team in Richmond.  I joined the Kelowna Rockets when I was 16.


On his first year of hockey in the Little Gretzky’s program:  We just played little games,  skating back and forth and some british bulldog -- all the fun games you played when you were a child.


On realizing that he could play in the WHL:  I didn't know about the WHL until my second year in bantam.  But I always was a pretty good player.  Second year bantam is probably when I thought I could come and play in the WHL.


On idolizing Steve Yzerman growing up:  Steve Yzerman was definitely a player I looked up to when I was a child.  He just played the game.  That's why he won so many Stanley Cups -- he was such a dominant player.  He learned how to play defensively, and that's what took his team to the Cup.


On making the switch from defense to forward:  I was a defenseman my whole life until the second year of bantam and that's when I made the switch and have been playing forward ever since. I have always had a knack for the net.  And we didn't have much scoring up front, so that's where my coach, Ken Barnstable, put me for the year.  It worked out really well. 


On his most memorable hockey gift:  It was one Christmas when Santa brought me a couple of sticks.  That was the best present I ever got.


On the one movie he would choose to be in:  If I could be in one movie it would be "Man on Fire". 


On the most embarrassing song on his iPod: The most embarrassing song on my iPod is "Gimme, Gimme More" by Britney Spears. 


On his favorite food to cook: My favorite food to cook is pizza.