20 Years Ago Today: Ducks Take Guy Hebert with First Pick of 1993 NHL Expansion Draft

Monday, 06.24.2013 / 2:41 PM

Today marks the 20-year anniversary of the 1993 Expansion Draft (June 24, 1993). Guy Hebert became the first official player in Ducks history when he was taken second overall (Florida selected John Vanbiesbrouck first). Two days later (June 26), the club participated in its first ever NHL Entry Draft and selected Paul Kariya with the fourth overall pick. Below is a look at the Ducks selections at the 1993 Expansion Draft.

1993 NHL EXPANSION DRAFT (Quebec City, Quebec)


Pick                  Player                                                       NHL Club

      2                  Guy Hebert                                            St. Louis

      3                  Glenn Healy                                           N.Y. Islanders

      6                  Ron Tugnutt                                           Edmonton


Pick                  Player                                                       NHL Club

      2                  Alexei Kasatonov                                 New Jersey

      3                  Sean Hill                                                   Montreal

      5                  Bill Houlder                                             Buffalo

      8                  Bobby Dollas                                          Detroit

   10                  Randy Ladouceur                                 Hartford

   11                  David Williams                                       San Jose

   13                  Dennis Vial                                              Tampa Bay

   16                  Mark Ferner                                           Ottawa


Pick                  Player                                                       NHL Club

      1                  Steven King                                            N.Y. Rangers

      4                  Tim Sweeney                                         Boston

      6                  Troy Loney                                              Pittsburgh

      7                  Stu Grimson                                           Chicago

      9                  Terry Yake                                               Hartford

   12                  Jarrod Skalde                                         New Jersey

   14                  Bob Corkum                                           Buffalo

   15                  Anatoli Semenov                                 Vancouver

   17                  Joe Sacco                                                 Toronto

   20                  Lonnie Loach                                          Los Angeles

   22                  Jim Thomson                                         Los Angeles

   23                  Trevor Halverson                                 Washington

   25                  Robin Bawa                                            San Jose

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