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1st 00:29ANAShotCorey Perry Wrist Shot
1st 01:01ANAHitBrett Festerling hit B.J. Crombeen
1st 01:10ANAShotMike Brown Wrist Shot
1st 01:31ANAHitTroy Bodie hit Carlo Colaiacovo
1st 02:20STLShotMike Weaver Slap Shot
1st 02:38STLHitDavid Backes hit Dan Sexton
1st 03:04ANAHitGeorge Parros hit Erik Johnson
1st 03:22ANAHitSheldon Brookbank hit DJ King
1st 03:36ANAGoalMatt Beleskey (9) Wrist Shot, assists: none
1st 04:16STLShotAlexander Steen Backhand
1st 05:39ANAHitSteve Eminger hit Paul Kariya
1st 05:42STLShotBrad Boyes Wrist Shot
1st 05:48STLShotCarlo Colaiacovo Slap Shot
1st 06:31ANAHitNathan Oystrick hit David Backes
1st 06:36STLPenaltyDavid Backes Interference against Kyle Chipchura
1st 07:40STLHitDavid Perron hit Jason Blake
1st 08:27STLShotPaul Kariya Wrist Shot
1st 09:08ANAHitMike Brown hit Jonas Junland
1st 11:04ANAHitAaron Ward hit Lars Eller
1st 11:30STLHitDavid Backes hit Matt Beleskey
1st 11:40ANAShotBobby Ryan Wrist Shot
1st 12:10STLHitDavid Backes hit Brett Festerling
1st 12:42STLPenaltyB.J. Crombeen Fighting against Mike Brown
1st 12:42ANAPenaltyMike Brown Fighting against B.J. Crombeen
1st 12:45ANAShotBrendan Mikkelson Wrist Shot
1st 12:57ANAHitCorey Perry hit Mike Weaver
1st 13:38ANAHitJames Wisniewski hit Lars Eller
1st 13:58STLGoalLars Eller (2) Deflected, assists: Jonas Junland (1), Carlo Colaiacovo (24)
1st 14:46STLShotErik Johnson Wrist Shot
1st 15:39ANAHitSteve Eminger hit Alexander Steen
1st 16:18ANAHitBobby Ryan hit Andy McDonald
1st 17:22STLShotPaul Kariya Deflected
1st 17:57STLShotErik Johnson Wrist Shot
1st 18:28STLHitLars Eller hit Troy Bodie
1st 18:34STLShotLars Eller Wrist Shot
1st 18:51STLShotJonas Junland Wrist Shot
1st 19:18ANAShotSteve Eminger Wrist Shot
2nd 00:55ANAShotCorey Perry Slap Shot
2nd 00:56ANAShotMatt Beleskey Backhand
2nd 01:08ANAPenaltyRyan Carter Roughing against B.J. Crombeen
2nd 01:14STLShotCarlo Colaiacovo Slap Shot
2nd 01:15STLShotKeith Tkachuk Wrist Shot
2nd 02:20ANAShotMatt Beleskey Wrist Shot
2nd 02:36STLShotErik Johnson Wrist Shot
2nd 02:46STLShotPaul Kariya Snap Shot
2nd 02:56ANAShotMike Brown Wrist Shot
2nd 03:07STLShotJonas Junland Slap Shot
2nd 03:10STLShotJonas Junland Wrist Shot
2nd 03:22ANAShotRyan Carter Wrist Shot
2nd 03:23ANAShotRyan Carter Backhand
2nd 03:37ANAShotJason Blake Snap Shot
2nd 03:49STLGoalEric Brewer (8) Wrist Shot, assists: David Perron (23), Andy McDonald (29)
2nd 04:11ANAShotDan Sexton Wrist Shot
2nd 04:19STLHitB.J. Crombeen hit Jason Blake
2nd 05:45STLHitMike Weaver hit Corey Perry
2nd 05:58STLShotBrad Winchester Wrist Shot
2nd 06:04STLShotJonas Junland Wrist Shot
2nd 06:57STLHitDavid Perron hit Sheldon Brookbank
2nd 07:05ANAShotTroy Bodie Wrist Shot
2nd 08:25ANAGoalBobby Ryan (35) Backhand, assists: none
2nd 09:02STLHitB.J. Crombeen hit Jason Blake
2nd 09:07STLShotAndy McDonald Wrist Shot
2nd 11:03ANAHitNathan Oystrick hit B.J. Crombeen
2nd 11:09STLShotAlexander Steen Wrist Shot
2nd 11:19STLHitAlexander Steen hit Nathan Oystrick
2nd 12:03STLShotDavid Backes Wrist Shot
2nd 13:07STLShotMike Weaver Slap Shot
2nd 13:38ANAShotTroy Bodie Snap Shot
2nd 13:39STLHitDarryl Sydor hit Ryan Carter
2nd 13:46ANAShotRyan Carter Wrist Shot
2nd 15:10STLShotB.J. Crombeen Wrist Shot
2nd 15:35ANAGoalMatt Beleskey (10) Wrist Shot, assists: Corey Perry (48), Bobby Ryan (28)
2nd 15:51STLShotDavid Backes Wrist Shot
2nd 16:14STLShotDavid Backes Wrist Shot
2nd 16:23STLShotLars Eller Wrist Shot
2nd 17:04STLPenaltyDavid Perron Tripping against Brendan Mikkelson
2nd 18:37ANAShotNathan Oystrick Wrist Shot
2nd 18:39ANAPenaltyNick Bonino Roughing against Eric Brewer
2nd 18:39STLPenaltyEric Brewer Roughing against Nick Bonino
2nd 18:50ANAShotBobby Ryan Slap Shot
2nd 19:16ANAHitJames Wisniewski hit David Perron
2nd 19:45STLShotJonas Junland Snap Shot
3rd 00:51STLHitDavid Perron hit Ryan Carter
3rd 02:41ANAPenaltyKyle Chipchura Hooking against Alexander Steen
3rd 03:13STLShotAndy McDonald Wrist Shot
3rd 03:29STLGoalCarlo Colaiacovo (7) Wrist Shot, assists: Keith Tkachuk (17), Andy McDonald (30)
3rd 03:39ANAHitBrendan Mikkelson hit B.J. Crombeen
3rd 04:09ANAShotBrendan Mikkelson Wrist Shot
3rd 04:34STLHitDavid Backes hit Ryan Carter
3rd 04:50ANAShotMike Brown Wrist Shot
3rd 04:55ANAShotSteve Eminger Slap Shot
3rd 05:08ANAHitJames Wisniewski hit David Perron
3rd 05:13STLHitLars Eller hit Nick Bonino
3rd 05:17STLShotMike Weaver Wrist Shot
3rd 05:48STLHitDavid Perron hit Steve Eminger
3rd 06:45STLHitB.J. Crombeen hit Ryan Carter
3rd 07:26ANAHitSteve Eminger hit David Backes
3rd 07:50STLShotEric Brewer Slap Shot
3rd 08:04ANAPenaltySheldon Brookbank Roughing against David Backes
3rd 09:36STLHitDavid Backes hit Brendan Mikkelson
3rd 09:55STLHitDavid Backes hit Troy Bodie
3rd 10:44STLShotAlexander Steen Wrist Shot
3rd 10:48STLShotB.J. Crombeen Wrist Shot
3rd 11:50STLShotDJ King Backhand
3rd 12:57STLShotPaul Kariya Tip-In
3rd 13:15STLShotEric Brewer Wrist Shot
3rd 13:36STLHitB.J. Crombeen hit Nathan Oystrick
3rd 13:42STLShotJay McClement Slap Shot
3rd 14:25ANAShotDan Sexton Wrist Shot
3rd 15:30STLShotJonas Junland Wrist Shot
3rd 16:10STLGoalJay McClement (11) Wrist Shot, assists: Carlo Colaiacovo (25), Mike Weaver (10)
3rd 16:33STLGoalAndy McDonald (24) Tip-In, assists: Keith Tkachuk (18), David Perron (24)
3rd 16:56STLShotJay McClement Wrist Shot
3rd 17:04STLShotAndy McDonald Wrist Shot
3rd 17:57STLShotDavid Backes Wrist Shot
3rd 17:57STLShotDavid Perron Wrist Shot
3rd 17:59STLGoalDavid Backes (16) Wrist Shot, assists: David Perron (25), Jonas Junland (2)
3rd 18:43ANAShotDan Sexton Wrist Shot
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4A. WardD0010014:59
7S. EmingerD00-32025:15
9B. RyanR1133018:27
10C. PerryR0122020:42
13M. BrownR00-13512:51
16G. ParrosR0010011:13
20R. CarterL00-23219:16
21S. BrookbankD00101620:03
28K. ChipchuraC00-10214:37
33J. BlakeL00-31016:24
34J. WisniewskiD00-20025:42
39M. BeleskeyL2034022:18
41N. OystrickD0011010:34
42D. SextonR00-33014:28
50T. BodieR00-12016:11
53B. FesterlingD000002:48
60B. MikkelsonD0002220:57
63N. BoninoC00-1027:57
31C. McElhinney4248.87559:36
4E. BrewerD10-13621:43
6E. JohnsonD0013022:16
7K. TkachukL0201012:49
9P. KariyaL00-14018:02
10A. McDonaldL1233019:18
15B. WinchesterL00-1108:35
18J. McClementC1003015:38
19D. KingL00-1106:45
20A. SteenL0004018:50
22B. BoyesR00-12017:22
26B. CrombeenR0002515:02
28C. ColaiacovoD1213017:04
42D. BackesC10-15216:12
43M. WeaverD0103021:07
44D. SydorD0010017:25
53J. JunlandD0206017:16
57D. PerronL0331217:29
61L. EllerC1023013:07
50C. Mason2326.88560:00
scoring summary
1st Period
03:36ANA Matt Beleskey (9) ASST: NONE 1 - 0 ANA
13:58STL Lars Eller (2) ASST: Jonas Junland (1), Carlo Colaiacovo (24) 1 - 1 Tie
2nd Period
03:49STL Eric Brewer (8) ASST: David Perron (25), Andy McDonald (32) 2 - 1 STL
08:25ANA Bobby Ryan (35) ASST: NONE 2 - 2 Tie
15:35ANA Matt Beleskey (10) ASST: Corey Perry (48), Bobby Ryan (29) 3 - 2 ANA
3rd Period
03:29STL PPG - Carlo Colaiacovo (7) ASST: Keith Tkachuk (18), Andy McDonald (33) 3 - 3 Tie
16:10STL Jay McClement (11) ASST: Carlo Colaiacovo (25), Mike Weaver (9) 4 - 3 STL
16:33STL Andy McDonald (24) ASST: Keith Tkachuk (19), David Perron (26) 5 - 3 STL
17:59STL PPG - David Backes (16) ASST: David Perron (27), Jonas Junland (2) 6 - 3 STL
penalty summary
1st Period
06:36STL David Backes  Interference against  Kyle Chipchura
12:42STL B.J. Crombeen  Fighting (maj) against  Mike Brown
12:42ANA Mike Brown  Fighting (maj) against  B.J. Crombeen
2nd Period
01:08ANA Ryan Carter  Roughing against  B.J. Crombeen
17:04STL David Perron  Tripping against  Brendan Mikkelson
18:39STL Eric Brewer  Roughing against  Nick Bonino
18:39ANA Nick Bonino  Roughing against  Eric Brewer
3rd Period
02:41ANA Kyle Chipchura  Hooking against  Alexander Steen
08:04ANA Sheldon Brookbank  Roughing against  David Backes
17:05STL Eric Brewer  Cross checking against  Sheldon Brookbank
17:05STL Eric Brewer  Roughing against  Sheldon Brookbank
17:05ANA Sheldon Brookbank  Roughing against  Eric Brewer
17:05ANA Sheldon Brookbank  Roughing against  Eric Brewer
17:05ANA Sheldon Brookbank  Misconduct (10 min)
17:05ANA Brendan Mikkelson  Roughing against  Eric Brewer
shots by period
Team Stats
Power Plays0/22/4
Faceoff Wins3226
Blocked Shots136
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