Dynamic Pricing for the Stanley Cup Playoffs
Western Conference First Round

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Date Opponent Glass Plaza Center Plaza Main West Plaza Main East Plaza Goal Lower West Plaza Goal Lower East Plaza Goal  West Plaza Goal  East Club Gold Club Silver Club Bronze Sec. 310 & 317 Club Bronze Sec. 311-316 Terrace Lower Center Row A Terrace  Lower Center Rows B-C Terrace Lower West Row A Terrace Lower East Row B-C Terrace Lower East Row A Terrace Lower East Row Rows B-C Terrace Center Rows D-G Terrace Center Rows H-P Terrace Center Upper Rows Q-U Terrace Goal West Rows D-G  Terrace Main West Rows H-P   Terrace Goal West Rows H-P   Terrace Value West Rows Q-U   Terrace Goal East Rows D-G   Terrace Main East Rows H-P   Terrace Goal East Rows H-P   Terrace Value East Rows Q-U 
April 27* Home Game 4 vs. Nashvhille* 319.00 201.00 195.00 168.00 160.00 150.00 148.00 135.00 174.00 137.00 141.00 125.00 113.00 164.00 126.00 82.00 112.00 107.00 86.00 74.00 56.00 69.00 64.00 61.00 60.00 64.00 50.00 59.00 52.00

*If necessary